Slide the City, the giant slip-and-slide water party event

Do you like water? How about slides? Okay, well how about a giant slip-and-slide water party event? Well if you live in the any of the bigger cities, then you are in luck. The great people of Slide the City have announced their schedule for the Summer of 2015.

Since everyone at one point or another enjoys the feeling of being a kid once again, here is your chance to relive those great slip-and-slide moments from your childhood. And if by chance you never had a Slip’N Slide, now is the perfect time to see what you missed out on. Slide the City starts taking registration on their 1,000 ft slide which might just be the fastest and funnest way to see your city. (You may want to lower your sound before clicking the link at

You can sign up on their mailing list to be notified when registration opens. If you get in on the early bird special it is $15, $30, or $50 which will allow you 1, 3, or unlimited trips for the entirety of the event that day. If you miss early bird registration, the prices increase anywhere from 5 to 10 dollars, depending on regular or late registration time periods. So if you’re looking for something new to do this summer, grab some friends, grab a swim suit and check out Slide the City.

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