Video proof H1Z1’s airdrops are ‘pay-to-win’


I love sarcasm. Don’t you? Then Anon Amoose has a perfect video for you. The Youtuber uploaded an interesting video entitled “‘Proof That H1Z1 Is ‘P2W.'” The video shows just what exactly happens when an airdrop is requested in the game.

The H1Z1 feature has come under scrutiny when its senior designer falsely stated that you would not be able to pay for guns in the game. As we can see now after all the hub-bub, that is not the case. Anon Amoose’s video shows that it is not an easy task to claim your airdrop items.

In the video Anon stumbles upon an airdrop being called in by another player. When he arrives on the scene he hides in the tall grasses and watches as 4 or 5 players battle it out for the container. He picks the opportune time and emerges from the grass and begins taking out the other players with his Makeshift Bow and Arrow. It is unclear who originally ordered the airdrop, but it is Anon Amoose that ended up with the goods.

The video is a pretty good argument for how the airdrops are not “pay-to-win,” but I have heard reports that the best way to get an airdrop is to go far out into the remote mountains before calling it in.

Do you think the airdrops are still pay-to-win? Let us know by leaving a comment in the section below.

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