CES was some time ago, but I wanted to touch on something I’ve been shown at the NETGEAR suite that may have an impact on those of us who need WiFi. Whether you can’t tether from a phone or prefer not to be stuck with high-cost internet, Netgear has a pocket-sized solution in the form of Around Town Mobile Hotspot.

The way this works is that you buy the device at around $199.99, which comes with 1GB of data, then you can load more data capacity through the Netgear website for as much as you need. It’s running on the same network as Sprint, so be forewarned if you decide to use this in a region that doesn’t service Sprint. The benefit of this is that you can have as many as 10 people connected to the WiFi and you can still control who is accessing it. It lasts for 12.5 hours on a single charge. No monthly, no contracts. Easy, no?


The other item that I found interesting was the ReadyNAS. What’s a ReadyNAS? It’s having your own Cloud system. Y’know? That cloud which stores a lot of our data in the ether of the internet. The benefit of Netgear’s NAS (Network Assisted Storage) system is that it offers five levels of data protection. Working in the Information Technology industry for a time, we would use as NAS as a cheaper alternative to a multi-shelf server system and is great for small businesses or groups that need to store data over a network (like if you worked in the entertainment/graphics industry). This is an accessible alternative to Dropbox and Google Drive. The five level of protection it offers to your data is: (1) files written across multiple drives for RAID protection from disk failure; (2) files automatically protected against common media degradation or bitrot; (3) files continuously protected by snapshot technology for point-in-time recovery; (4) files secured in real-time against viruses and malware; and (5) files easily replicated to the cloud or a second ReadyNAS.


For all this and more, check out: http://www.netgear.com/

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