Valvrave the Liberator Blu-ray Complete Season 2 review

By Kenny Kong

Valverave the Liberator Season 2 is now available as a Blu-Ray set bundled with some extras from Aniplex USA. The Blu-ray set features 12 episodes on 3 Blu-ray discs and continues where season 1 left off.

Here’s a look at the Blu-ray bundle…..

Following the similar pattern of the 1st season, the 3-disc set comes in 2 Blu-ray slip cases with 2 different covers of different characters. The covers of each slip case can be flipped inside out for a different cover. There is once again a small poster with characters from Season 2 and 6 postcards of the mechas from this season. There is also once again an Aniplex proof of purchase for the Valvrave 2nd season Blu-ray set with a code on the right side signifying the legitimacy of this set purchase and a mini-survey card from Aniplex.

Valvrave season 2 picks-up from where Haruto Tokishima, L-Elf, and the rest of the Valvrave pilots are faced with the Dorssian Army. The Magius are introduced further and seemingly ties into the mystery behind the Valvraves, thus, adding more foes onto the plates of Haruto and L-Elf as they struggle with their revolution. It takes a slightly darker twist as many things unfold and are further explained. It keeps the series fresh and its viewers on their toes, making it worthwhile to continue following Valvrave through to the end.

Video & Audio

Valvrave season 2 Blu-ray set keeps up the consistency and maintains the same level of smooth graphics that was there for Valvrave Season 1’s Blu-ray set. The battles once again look intense, entertaining, and amazingly detailed and defined under the nature of a Blu-ray format. The audio remains Japanese only with English subtitles.


Final Reaction

The 2nd season taking a darker turn and made things very interesting. It may not be for everyone, depending on an individual’s tastes. I personally enjoyed watching season 2 as I enjoy dark anime and the dark twists that go along with it. The action was very much intriguing and entertaining. Season 2 may come off a bit more rushed than season 1, but closes out the rest of the answers that were sought by the end of season 1.

Rating: 4/5 Atoms

NR 4 Atoms - B

Valvrave the Liberator the Complete Season 2 Blu-ray set retails for $119.98 and can be ordered at

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