Self-aware Mario A.I. has been made, watch out Skynet!

mario v terminator(1)Cyberdyne is the fictional company (which actually exists) from the Terminator series which created the A.I. software Skynet that eventually caused the machines to take over, but now the only A.I. we really need to worry about is from Super Mario Brothers! The non-profit group known as the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence had a competition where a group of scientists from Germany brought what they like to call “Mario Lives.”

In their video (see below) they describe how they created an artificial agent who’s able to be a bit self-aware. He has become aware of himself and his environment, and he even has emotional states based on what happens in his world and the commands given to him. AI Mario has some knowledge and learns more everyday by using the reafference principle of psychology.

The scary part is that he knows to kill Goombas and knows that killing Goombas is good for him. What happens in the future as he becomes more self-aware? Will he see us as Goombas? We are far off from that but the whole idea of an interactive Mario is awesome. Hopefully Nintendo goes after this idea and creates an app for people to have their own Mario software, maybe an assistant similar to “Ok Google” that could better interact with you. Either way it’s both scary and awesome how top scientists can use their knowledge to create something fun like “Mario Lives!”

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Source: IFLScience

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