Citizens of Earth Review – Making them do it all


Citizens of Earth is your wacky, retro-inspired RPG from Eden Industries and published by Atlus USA. You take control of the newly elected Vice President of the World, who after winning his position in office is faced with challenges after challenges. Instead of facing the dangers himself, he does what every other politician does, get everyone else to do it while he takes all the credit. As you can guess this game does take shots at politicians and never takes itself seriously.

Citizens of Earth draws inspiration and ideas from cult-classic RPG Earthbound. You can see many elements of Earthbound very quickly including gameplay and the very famous traditional battle system. While the events of the game take place in chapters, you can freely explore the gigantic open world at anytime. In case you get lost, the map in the game will let you know where your next objective is.

One of the game’s biggest draw is the ability to recruit 40 different characters, each with their own unique battle style and skills. Characters such as the VP’s brother can order items, like sending a delivery man to you in case you get short on supplies. The school mascot can lower or raise the game’s difficulty, offering different rewards on harder difficulties. Other characters can help make the game much easier, such as the used car salesman who will drive you around. The pilot can drop you off at certain locations. Each character requires a unique way to recruit them, which are usually through quests.

6No need to worry about random battles in this game, instead enemies will try to rush at you. You can dodge and run away from enemies or even send your citizens in to rush in first. If you miss and enemies touch them, they return and get attacked, which in this game means you lose a very important skill point. In this game you are greeted by dozens of enemies in any one area. (They’ll respawn if you leave the area.) Battles are pretty silly and brilliantly simple. As the VP you stand to the side and give out orders to your Citizens.

Leveling up your different citizens is very important. Not only will it make your characters stronger and unlock skills, but you also level up their unique skills, which can be used outside of battle to unlock new items. Each character can equip character specific items, which gives them bonuses in battle.


Final Reaction

I love the comedy aspect of the game. While the story is pretty fun early on and only focused on the VP itself, the rest of the cast very quickly just becomes almost faceless. It just becomes all about building your powerhouse team. The art style was a huge plus on this game, and the music, while retro, had its moments. Overall Citizens of Earth is a fun game to enjoy especially for the nostalgia factor, but it tends to drag on later with long stages and many waves of enemies.

Rating: 4/5 Atoms

NR 4 Atoms - B

Citizens of Earth
Developer: Eden Industries
Publisher: Atlus USA
Systems: Steam, PS4, PSV, Wii U, 3DS
Available now

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