Say goodbye to the Marvel Universe: 616 and Ultimate universe will end with Secret Wars


It’s all coming to an end. Everything you knew about the 616 and Ultimate universe will come to an end in issue #1 of Marvel’s upcoming mega-event, Secret Wars. During this morning’s Secret Wars kickoff event, it was revealed that both Marvel universes will end as a result of Hickman’s Avengers and New Avengers run.

Now those that are not caught up on Avengers and New Avengers, you should really catch up because it is a really good read. However, to summarize what’s been happening in both Avengers and New Avengers. There’s an event that’s been happening within the multiverse where two parallel universes will intersect at a given point called an Incursion. During an Incursion one of two things can happen: Either both Earths collide, leaving the multiverse with two less Earths than it was, or something happens where one of the Earths gets destroyed. When one of the Earths gets destroyed, the surviving Earth will pass through the incursion space relatively unharmed thus leaving the multiverse with one less universe than it was.

From New Avengers #2

From New Avengers #2

Secret Wars will kick off with the Incursion between both the 616 and the Ultimate universe. “The Ultimate universe and the Marvel universe will collide,” says Marvel senior vice president Tom Brevoort. “The heroes of those two worlds will have eight hours to figure out what to do about it before both universes are destroyed… And they won’t.”

Battleworld is the result of the destruction between both universes. “All those little pieces [that were in the Incursion zones] have remained and they will be fused into a single, gigantic organism which is Battleworld,” says Brevoort. It also was revealed that the events of Secret Wars would play into the building of the new Marvel universe. “Every single piece of this world is a building block for the Marvel universe moving forward,” says Marvel Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso. “They’re not set in an alternate reality, they are set in THE reality of the Marvel universe. All of them will have legs. They will import things into the new Marvel universe.”

At today’s event it was also revealed that on Free Comic Book Day, Marvel will release a free Secret Wars primer (issue #0) that will practically bring you up to speed on the events that led up to Secret Wars #1. Also for you Attack on Titan fans, the Marvel/Attack on Titan crossover will be included in the Secret Wars #0 as well.

Marvel will reveal more information about Secret Wars in the next 14 days. Stay tuned.

What do you think of the 616 and the Ultimate universe ending in Secret Wars?

Secret Wars #1 will be released in May.

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