Alex Ross’ Secret Wars #2 cover revealed


During today’s Secret Wars kickoff event, Alex Ross’ cover for Secret Wars #2.


As you can see the cover has a lot of Thors on it. “This is a game of hide-and-seek among the more longtime Marvel fans,” says Senior Vice President Tom Brevoort. “Every incarnation of Thor that exists here, comes from somewhere. These weren’t just made up characters that were created for this piece. Everyone of them comes from some point in Marvel history, and Alex has drawn them all together here beautifully into this lovely arrangement for Secret Wars #2.”

Also expect Secret Wars #2 to be a gigantic issue come May. “The second issue is the fat one. It is a gargantuan, over-sized issue. While Secret Wars #1 is probably going to be bigger than an ordinary comic, Secret Wars #2 is going to be like the phone book of comics,” says Brevoort. The issue will provide a full guided tour of Battleworld and will set up everything you will need to know about Secret Wars.

Secret Wars #2 will be released, along with #1, in May.

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