DURARARA!! Complete Blu-ray Box coming in April


European Box Art

With Durarara!! X2 now available to stream on sites like Crunchyroll, Aniplex Channel and Hulu, Aniplex of America has announced it will once again be releasing the DURARARA!! Complete Blu-ray Box Set on April 7, 2015.

Originally released as a Limited-Edition Blu-ray Lunch Box Set which quickly sold out, the Complete Blu-ray Box features the complete series which includes 24 TV episodes and 2 OVA episodes on 5 Blu-ray discs featuring both English and Japanese audio and subtitles with over 600 minutes of content.

The series follows Mikado Ryūgamine, who moves to Ikebukero to find a more exciting life. Little did he know that that life would quickly find him as he is introduced to all sorts of characters which includes the legendary black rider, an information broker who is nothing but trouble, a violent and man with nearly superhuman powers and more.

The DURARARA!! Complete Blu-ray Box is currently available for pre-order at Rightstuf.com for $129.98.

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