‘Constantine’ gets animated

John Con Noir

Constantine is a fun, supernatural detective show that has certainly found its footing over the course of its inaugural season. Unfortunately, rumblings throughout the hull of the internet have indicated that the Constantine’s future is uncertain at best. Rumors of cancellation have plagued the program almost since its debut, resulting in the small but loyal fanbase and the creation of the #saveconstantine Twitter tag, as well as apparently resulting in a stop-motion short released by DC Entertainment’s YouTube channel, called John Con Noir. Featuring the vocal talents of Matt Ryan, who plays the live action John Constantine, this short finds John in search of his show creators, Daniel Cerone and David Goyer, who have mysteriously gone missing.

Admittedly, the character models are rough, but I kind of like that. This short reminds me of MTV’s Liquid Television back in the early ’90s, and somehow feels more in line with the “Hellblazer” style. What’s really curious about this video though is that it’s an official release from DC, which means that someone over there recognizes the trouble the show has had in finding a larger audience and is commenting on it. Is DC appealing to “Hellblazers” with this short, or is this part of a larger announcement for the show?

It’s strange to think that we live in an entertainment landscape wherein fans of a show actually might provide a value and cultural cache that studios may miss at first glance. We’ve seen this kind of treatment with shows like Family Guy, Arrested Development and of course Community, wherein a television show is a failure in one venue can find better success in another. I certainly hope that Constantine doesn’t get cancelled, given its amazing mid-season opener, I really want to see where they go from here. However, there’s always the possibility that it could find a better home, maybe one that’ll let John smoke on a regular basis.


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