CES Awards: MSI’s all about that innovation

One keyword you hear every year at CES is “Innovation.” We’ve seen brand new TVs from 4K to 8K, brand new digital and photography cameras and better phones. We also see rehashes of items already released (these items are roughly the same items released a year ago with one new feature). One company really captured the meaning of innovation hands down.


MSI, well known for high-performance gaming laptops used by pros and gamers from around the world, had two showings at CES.


Innovative and geeky, GS30 Shadow-001 is your transformer on the go. It’s a 13.3″ laptop with pretty good performance for simple to mid everyday tasks and can run quite a few games. When hooked to the larger box, the whole thing becomes a different creature in itself and is only limited by how you customize it. Once docked the laptop becomes a full desktop that connects to your monitor and can be as good as a high-performance PC, like Goku leveling up to Super Saiyan 4 Goku.


The overall awards goes to the GT80 Titan. It’s a behemoth in size and performance and runs at highest specs with 2 GTX 980s, as well as an Intel 17-4980HQ Processor, and 24GB of DDR3. It is also future proof since it’s the first laptop that let’s you upgrade pretty much everything. You won’t need to worry about buying a new laptop every so often. MSI shows anything is possible and quite possibly will innovate other companies to follow suit as technology gets better.


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