CES 2015: Ford Motor Company

Since the inclusion of computer technology becoming more emphasized in motor vehicles, the inclusion of motor vehicle manufacturers at CES have been an interesting diversion from the smaller toys at the convention. From last year’s Ford Conference, we haven’t seen what Ford has been up to for while until now.


At CES 2015, Nerd Reactor was invited to check out the new digital implements in their line of vehicles. The new Sync3 is a redesign of their stock interface system in their line of vehicles. Based on user feedback, the Sync3 hosts larger icons to access their various features, making it easier to navigate and spending less time correcting human-error. In using its road navigation system, they’ve removed the three-line entry for searching and implemented a single-line search akin to Google’s format.





Additionally, Sync3 has been given WiFi capability. You’d think, “Why the hell would a car need WiFi?” The reason is that Ford is integrating an App feature into the vehicle. At this point in time, I find it a little strange to have Apps and WiFi on a motor vehicle; I cannot assume the various instances where a consumer may find use for it. If Ford figures this is a good design idea, there must be consumers out there who requested such a feature. Beyond the WiFi and Apps, Sync3 allows you to choose the source of your music, no longer restricting it to any one service.



Besides Sync3, Ford Motor Company has also been investing a great deal of time and research to a worldwide study. They understand that different countries and different cultures outside of America face situations that are unique to those regions. In the hands of a few people, Ford has a team that takes this global information and makes it available to various departments at the company and provide them that opportunity to improve vehicular design and contribute to efficiency in navigating global infrastructures.


For all this and more, visit: http://www.ford.com/.

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