Zachary Levi joins cast of Heroes Reborn

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Fans of Heroes were excited to find out a few months ago that Heroes Reborn is being launched as a mini series. Well now we can all be joyful that they have cast a new key character with none other than Zachary Levi. He’s had a nerd-filled history, including starring in Chuck, and to play a powered person must be a dream. But remember that this isn’t the first time Levi has played a powered person, since he was also the Asgardian Fandral in Thor: The Dark World. We know that Jack Coleman, who played Noah Bennett (the father of Claire), is also set to return as well.

At a recent press conference, Levi had this to say about the role:

“One of my first, and fondest, memories of joining the NBC family in 2007 was having the pleasure of getting to know Tim Kring, and the cast of Heroes. I was a fan of their collective work and always thought it was such a fantastic and fun world they got to play in. With Heroes: Reborn, I’m honored to have the opportunity to bring more of that world to life, and excited to help in offering the fans of the franchise an epic new installation of a series that made such a huge impact on entertainment.”

If you were a fan of Heroes or Chuck, you can rejoice that NBC has made a great call in bringing the show back. Stay tuned for more information as we get it here at Nerd Reactor!

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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