H1Z1, the online zombie survival game, is off to a bad start


Sony Online Entertainment did well with H1Z1, the zombie survival game, in terms of it becoming a Steam bestseller. However, there are more bad news than good. For one thing, the launch of the Steam Early Access last night was considered a disaster. Our very own Mike Villarreal had to wait over an hour to play the game a little after midnight. (I didn’t stick around to find out if he was able to log in or not.) Other players were met with authentication issues that prevented them from playing the game until earlier today.

Following SOE president John Smedley’s tweet, you can track the progress of the game’s launch.

SOE had over 200 servers to prepare for the launch, but that wasn’t enough.

The team was busy fixing the issue, but in the end, they had to go home to be refreshed for the next day.

Wait, there’s more. The Reddit community is bashing the game, saying that H1Z1 developers lied. In a Reddit post 8 months ago, the developers said that they wouldn’t be selling weapons for real money, and that weapons were only available via crafting or exploring.

We will NOT be selling Guns, Ammo, Food, Water… i.e. That’s kind of the whole game and it would suck in our opinion if we did that.

However, new info popped up on the devblog saying that airdrops containing items including guns will be available via money.

We have made the decision to allow paid for airdrops into the game with things like guns and other things being randomly selected as part of the airdrop. We’re making them highly contested and building a whole set of rules around this, but you should be aware that our goal is to make this a way to keep things interesting on the servers but still be contested. If these offend your sensibilities just know that they are going to be there. We have gone out of our way to make sure the airdrops are contested in-game and that you can’t simply expect to easily walk about to the airdrop and grab it. Even if you paid for it.

Will you be checking out the game, or will you pass on this? Let us know!

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