Fantastic Four reboot teaser will debut next month

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The Fantastic Four reboot has been receiving a lot of negative publicity lately, especially with reports of director Josh Trank behaving badly on the set of the film and expensive reshoots. Now writer and producer Simon Kinberg has personally contacted Latino Review about the status of the movie (not as detailed as one would like). Not only that, but he also revealed when the teaser trailer will debut.

“To confirm – Fantastic Four will be doing 3-4 days of additional photography with director Josh Trank and some key cast members. We are very excited about the film and can’t wait for you to see what we’ve been up to. And you will be able to do that very soon as I can confirm here that the teaser will be on Kingsman in theaters February 13.”

Of course the person working on the film isn’t going to badmouth the movie. However, he says that the reshoots will be just less than a week, and that sounds better than weeks of reshoots.

I guess the good news is that we know the teaser trailer will be coming out next month.

Are you looking forward to the trailer?

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