Konami to release the Yu-Gi-Oh! The Secret Forces booster set in Feburary


As Duelists find new combinations and strategies for the current format, players look to add the power of the upcoming Secrets of Eternity release. However, Konami has another powerhouse set coming next month. On February 13 Konami will release the brand new Secret Forces booster set which introduces three new monster groups; Nekroz, the Yosenju, and the Ritual Beast Tamers.

“The Nekroz are a cabal who use the dead husks of Synchro Monsters to form sets of armor and hit the battlefield as powerful Ritual Monsters with multiple abilities. The Yosenju are a monastic order of Beast-Warriors with some of the fastest Summoning strategies ever seen. Yosenju can also boost their Pendulum Scale all the way to 11, letting them Summon and re-Summon Mayosenju Daibak, their powerful Level 10 boss monster that bounces cards back to the hand. And, the Ritual Beast Tamers, a band of Psychics who use their powers to commune with nature, team up with animals of land, sea, and air to form Fusion Monsters like Ritual Beast Ulti-Apelio that can bounce to and from the Extra Deck as needed.”

Secrets of Eternity will feature 32 brand new cards focusing on the three new monster groups and 28 older cards. The cards will easily work with all three types include Preparation of Rites, which is a great card to have in any ritual deck. All 60 cards in the set will be foil and will retail for $3.99.

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