WWE Immortals is now available

B6wPWW9CUAAN3KJToday marks the release of WWE and NetherRealm Studio’s new mobile game, WWE Immortals. The free-to-play fighting game was launched earlier this morning on both Android and iOS devices. WWE is hoping to capture the same success it found with its Super Card game that gathered over 5 million downloads last year.

Similar to the card game, gamers start out with a random selection of WWE Superstars. Each superstar is represented by a card and can be leveled up through winning battles. Winning fights earns you more in-game cash which can be used to boost special attacks, unlock new moves and purchase new fighters. Of course you could just take the easy way out and just add your credit card.

WWE Immortals offers single player along with online multiplayer. I’ve only played a couple of matches, but it seems pretty fun. You can check out the launch video below along with some special move clips.

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