CES 2015: Razer


First day of CES 2015 for me was on Tuesday, Day 1. First stop? Razer. Recognized for its peripherals and technology, Razer is a company that doesn’t imitate, they innovate. This year, they brought some new toys to the playground and I’m pretty stoked about the Siren, the Turret, and their Forge TV!

While speaking to a representative from Sony Online Entertainment who was demonstrating H1Z1 on the Razer laptops, we noticed this interesting cylinder and knew nothing about what it was. After speaking to one of the Razer staff, I learned it was the Seiren, a high-definition microphone that you can manually shift pitch and volume on the device itself. Designed to support gamers and streamers, it’s easy to use and has the professional clarity for musicians to utilize. Razer is currently hosting a sponsorship program for streamers, so if you’re interested in collaborating with Razer, follow the link Razer Seiren Sponsorship.



One of the interesting pieces of technology that caught my eye was the Turret. Initially, I thought of the Engineer Turret from Team Fortress, among other automated weapons in games, but I was corrected to understanding that this is mouse and keyboard named after a spider, which is consistent with these peripherals. Now, the cool things about the Turret is that it’s Bluetooth wireless, and is a keyboard that can be folded and put away to its charging station. But what about the mouse? It’s a magnetized mouse! No need to worry about it slipping off your setup.



The big thing that stood out to me is Razer’s Forge TV. It’s small, reminds me of a router, and it is a platform that uses Android as its base with a Quad-core processor. You know what’s more interesting? Forge TV can stream from your computer, to the system, to your television. Pair the Forge TV with the Turret and it’s instant gratification! The synergy at play is impressive, which is no wonder it won “Best of CES” from Endgadget. Worried if streaming a game or video would be degraded once it’s been relayed through Forge TV? No problem, the video card quality from your PC is being streamed, not the hardware of the Forge TV device. And do you know how much Forge TV costs? $99.99.

For all this and more, check out their website at: http://www.razerzone.com/



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