CES 2015: DTS


DTS, the company recognized for its surround sound technology for commercial and theater centers, always brings a new innovation to CES. For CES 2015, they’ve shown some cool things that we can look forward to that are going to be used in future products.


For one of these technologies, guests were taken into a cylindrical room where we were told to bundle up at the center as much as we could. An animated demonstration guided us through the sound technology DTS showcased that did not rely on channels. If you’ve ever had to configure your sound controls, you’ll know that headphones are 2 channels and typical surround is 5.1 channels. Without the reliance on channels to dictate where the sound is coming from, DTS is using object-oriented sound to help capture the experience of focus.

After this demonstration, I moved over to various headphones playing 11.5 channel, emulated sound headphones, rendered with the DTSX algorithm. To simplify the technical jargon, the experience uses the DTSX algorithm to take any video or sound being played and distributes it into the 11.5 channels to create an atmospheric effect. It’s like actually hearing live material, but through headphones.

With DTS’ developments with sound channels, they’ve been working on taking broadcast channels and allowing consumers to control those volumes. For instance, one example shown by the representatives was taking a sports broadcast and changing the volume of the sports event separately from the volume of the announcers. Another instance is in movies, where you can change the volume of the ambient sound within a scene separately from the volume of the dialog being said. I’m pretty excited about this feature being widely used in the future.

PlayFi is one of DTS’ major innovations, allowing anyone with the corresponding app to channel music to any room through WiFi command. All the rooms in the house can be linked up, and at a touch of a button, you can go from rocking out in the bathroom to Taylor Swift-ing in the kitchen. There are various vendors supporting the PlayFi system and I’m definitely looking forward to getting rid of excess wiring and technology to create the same effect.

For all this and more, check out their website at: http://listen.dts.com/




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