Better look at the hybrid dinosaur in Jurassic World

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Jurassic World will be introducing a hybrid dinosaur, with reports saying it’s the Indominus Rex, aka the D-Rex. Now we get a better look at the new creature with these promo art.

So how scary is the new dinosaur? It looks like a mix between a velociraptor and a T-rex. It definitely looks like it can do more than the T-rex, since it has longer arms. However, nothing can top the fierce look of the T-rex. Check it out below.


So what is the D-rex made of? It’s said to include DNA from a T-rex, raptor, snake and cuttlefish. Not only will it be ferocious, it’s also said to have camouflage. What?!

Jurassic World will be getting a new trailer on February 1st during the Super Bowl.

Are you looking forward to the hybrid dinosaur?

Colin Trevorrow’s Jurassic World terrorizes theaters on June 12, 2015.

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