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There are few feelings as special as buying a brand new console. While every next generation of gaming system brings new innovations and solutions, one area that has yet to be innovated is the continual need to replace the batteries in your controllers. Few things are as frustrating as being in the middle of combat and your batteries die on you, because just like everyone else you ignored the warnings. Running to the kitchen mid-match to scrounge for those AAs you swore were there only to find your wife needed them for her shower radio…Maybe this only happens to me, but regardless I got the opportunity to review Nyko’s latest solution: The Modular Power Station.

A while back we were able to check out Nyko’s exciting new Modular Line of products at E3. Essentially modular means that their new hardware attaches to your console as an extension of the console itself. Think of it like when the Power Ranger Zords would latch on to Tigerzord to make Mega Tigerzord, except under your TV. The idea behind the product is to satiate the need to keep spare rechargeable batteries accessible to the player while eliminating ugly stand alone battery chargers and extra cables.

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As an adult geek and gamer I take pride in the wiring of my entertainment center. My other tech friends come over, and rather than show them the sweet upgraded graphics of my Xbox One, I will start the demo with how clean my wiring was. With the Xbox 360 I used their standard Microsoft rechargeable battery station and was always conflicted with appropriate placement of the base unit, and it was just yet one more ugly cable to try and hide. What I love most about the Modular Power station from Nyko is that it plugs directly into USB port on the left side of the Xbox One. I bothered not to even glance at the installation documentation provided because it was extremely self explanatory. Plug the battery charger into the console, flick the little switch with a lock icon on it from the unlock picture to the locked picture and get to charging. Another feature I like is the fact that the power level indicators are not constantly on. They are practically invisible when not illuminated, and to get a summary as to your battery levels all you gotta do is open and close the unit. Nyko did a killer job on molding their powerstation to fit the Xbox One’s body perfectly from the colors to the contours; it’s a nearly perfect match.


While the batteries do seem last a bit longer than your standard two AAs, the Nyko batteries are rated at only 1000mAh while the Microsoft branded rechargeable battery rests comfortably at 1400mAh which can be quite significant in a gaming controller. The saving grace here is that the Nyko Power station does include two batteries with charge base included, meanwhile the Microsoft version only offers one battery and a charge cable for roughly the same price. The other negative I have is that the Xbox One is already a bulky console and the Modular powerstation definitely adds to the bulk, and how the charger hinges open. it requires your console to have about 5 inches of headroom in your entertainment center to open all the way.

Final Reaction

With some habit building, Nyko’s Power Station is the coolest solution to controller battery recharging on the market today. What I mean by habit building is that to get the most out of it what I ended up doing was just swapping out my controller batteries pre-emptively before my extended gaming sessions, to squash those immersion killing battery swap sessions. If nothing else the reactions I get from showing this charge station to my friends is pretty awesome. How something like this has never been done before is a mystery, because the concept makes so much sense and in this case Nyko executed wonderfully.

Rating: 4/5 Atoms

NR 4 Atoms - B

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