Are Rare titles coming back?


Remember the good old days when Rare Ltd. was still making games? Banjo and Kazooie, Perfect Dark, GoldenEye, and Blast Corps, just to name a few of my favorites. Looks like Microsoft may try to revive a few of those games.

In a recent interview with The Inner Circle podcast, Ken Lobb, Microsoft’s creative director, brought up the subject of Microsoft lucrative position of owning some of Rare’s valuable IPs. Ken had this to say in regards to the situation.

So will there ever be another Banjo, Viva, Blast Corps, Battletoads? Yeah, some day. And I think the reason you see things like Battletoads revived is because we know there’s value, so we renewed the trademark.

But he did warn people of getting too high of an expectation.

Does that mean it’s coming this year? No. Does that mean it’ll never come? Absolutely not. We have a lot of passion internally for each of these games that you mentioned and we have surprises in store in the near and long future, but understand that what it’s really about is, we want to build this suite of IP; that we can add to that list of ‘let’s build some new things,’ ‘let’s build some recent sequels,’ and ‘let’s do some crazy stuff’ like dig back into a portfolio of IP and build some games that people love.

I have some hopes of them remaking some of my favorite games, but I do have to temper it with a bit of reality. If they do decide to make some of the old school games, I want to see Banjo and Kazooie and Perfect Dark made. Those two games were awesome growing up.

So what would your choice be? Let us know.

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