With Sierra revived, priority changes for indie versus popular titles

While news of Sierra On-Line‘s resurrection was unveiled back in Autumn of 2014, what remains consistent is that Sierra is maintaining their mission to enlisting independent developers to fill the revived publisher’s library.

Sierra’s MacLean Marshall states:

“The indie movement is happening … And for Activision not to be involved in that… it has the big brands sure, but I think it would be a miss if we didn’t look at the indie movement as well. For us, it is about finding the right devs with the right ideas – whether that is bringing back an old Sierra IP or something entirely new.”

Fans of Sierra titles prioritize their hopes in seeing the official revival of titles like: King’s Quest, Police Quest, Quest for Glory, and Phantasmagoria. However, based on my conversation with developers who are in talks with Sierra, the company is prioritizing the development of new indie titles and the potential of working on the more popular titles down the line.

Two developers have snagged some of the acclaimed franchises, and it was announced that they would be Geometry Wars 3 by Lucid Games and the revival of King’s Quest in 2015 by The Odd Gentlemen studio. While Geometry Wars is a new iteration in the classic franchise, King’s Quest will be a reimagining of the original series.

Geometry Wars 3 is Available Now on PS3, PS4, XBox 360, XBox One, and STEAM.

King’s Quest is Coming Fall 2015.

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