Director Josh Trank trashes the Fantastic Four reboot set?


I’ll be honest and I’m not going to bullshit anyone here, but I’m not excited for the Fantastic Four reboot. I really am not, and that’s how I feel about it. I’m not saying that it will be terrible nor will I say that it will be great because I don’t have a time machine. One thing I will ask is: Do we really need a Fantastic Four reboot? My answer? Not really.

With that said it looks like Josh Trank, the director of this movie, might be breaking under the pressure from the-powers-that-be. Either that or something worse is going on behind the scenes for this already troubled movie. There have been a lot of rumors about this circling from the production crew (via Tiger Droppings) that they were being treated terribly. In addition to these rumors (via Daily Superheroes), it was stated that Josh Trank had caused so much damage to the movie sets that CEO and Chairman of Fox, Jim Gianopulos, had to fly out to Baton Rouge to apologize to the Celtic Media Center staff where the sets were assembled.

Wtf is going on with this reboot??

Wtf is going on with this reboot??

This movie is supposed to be released this year on August 7th, but the world hasn’t seen a trailer yet. Hell even Warner Bros. will probably have a Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer out faster than this reboot, and that movie comes out in 2016! It’s really a bit disconcerting when a high budget movie reboot is already facing negative views from the public, and has added negative rumors being spread from the production crew.

Of course rumors are just that, rumors. They could be spread by someone that’s just not happy working there and wants to taint the image from within. However you can’t deny the fact that Devin Faraci from Badass Digest and El Miyambe of Latino-Review tweeted about what they’ve been experiencing with the Fantastic Four production.

F4R1We won’t know what to think until we see a trailer for the movie, but with all this bad publicity, it could work to surprising all of us at the end. Someone once said that bad publicity is still good publicity. Then again, someone also said that drinking bleach is good for your skin; which then led to warning labels. We’ll just have to see how this plays out. Could this be a possible a straight-to-DVD movie just to spite Marvel Studios? Who knows?

Source: Tiger DroppingsDaily Superheroes

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