CES 2015: Steelseries sets its sights on eSports with the Sentry and Apex M800


Starting off our CES roundup for 2015 is one of our favorite veteran companies of eSports, Steelseries. The showcase included all the old goodies with the addition of two highly anticipated products. The Apex M800 and Sentry were what we mainly focused on this time around. This was wonderfully refreshing from the plethora of re-molded keyboards and mice produced by unknown retailers throughout the convention.

Apex M800

It’s always a pleasure to see fans get what they want. We reviewed the Steelseries Apex as one of the best membrane keyboards on the market, but it was obvious that with its size and design, a mechanical option was necessary. They listened, and boy did they deliver with the Apex M800 (Set to release Q2 2015).



– Weight: 1390 g (3.06 lbs)
– Width: 510 mm (20.08 in)
– Height: 174 mm (6.85 in)
– Depth: 41 mm (1.61 in)
– USB Cable Length: 2 m (6.6 ft)


– Anti-Ghosting: Zero Ghosting, 256 Keys at Once
– Extra Quick Access Keys : 6
– All Keys are Programmable
– Multimedia Controls: One-Touch via F-Keys
– QS1 Switch: 3mm Throw, 1.5mm
Activation/Reset, 45cN Force. 60M Clicks


– Intuitive and Simple Macro Editor
– Text-based Macros (Direct to Console)
– Set Custom Profiles Per Application
– Switch Profiles Across All Your SteelSeries
Engine Devices


– Number of Illumination Colors: 16.8 million
– Unlimited Lighting Layers,
– Preset Effects, Create Your Own
– Illuminated Custom Cooldown Timers
– Individually Illuminated Keys: Centered LED, Clear Housing, Minimized Bleed


What we see as the most unique feature of the M800 is the new proprietary switches from Steelseries. Having played with them a bit, they feel as though a peaceful zen between membrane and cherry MX. Surprisingly quiet, yet instantaneously responsive clicks make this a unique product even in this space. The Apex M800 could be the idea office mechanical keyboard.

The option for unlimited profiles, along with its reduction in size and the addition of a secondary CPU to exclusively process clicks turn this keyboard into one of the most high-tech mechanical peripherals we will probably see in 2015.




We caught a glimpse of the Sentry at E3 this year but unfortunately didn’t get to see it in action. So here’s what I would call a rough explanation of its capabilities.

The Sentry is a game coaching tool. It will monitor your eye movements during a game to produce statistical data on where your focus has been throughout a match. This is the first time I can say that a device exists which will directly impact your in-game decision making. The possibilities of accurate eye tracking are endless. With some extra gesture recognition devices, this could potentially replace the mouse.

Watch Sheever as the tracker follows her eye movements, followed by the mouse.


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