Supergirl may cross over to Arrow and The Flash

supergirl_4_by_jeffach-d697u8o thumbPhoto manip by Jeff Chapman

Update: It seems like we may no longer see Supergirl crossing over with Arrow and The Flash.

Greg Berlanti is the producer for both the CW’s Arrow and The Flash. Now he’s working on the upcoming Supergirl series for CBS. One would assume that there would be no crossover, since Supergirl is going to be on a different network. However, it was revealed before by Berlanti that she may cross over. Now he has again said it’s possible (via THR), with reports saying that the Supergirl deal with CBS gives him that right. That’s exciting news!

Now the next step is finding their Kara Zor-El. It’s been rumored that model and actress Gemma Atkinson is in the running.

What do you think of Kara teaming up with Oliver Queen and Barry Allen?

Source: THR

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