Chris Evans keeps convincing all of us he’s actually Steve Rogers


If you got to watch the People’s Choice Awards recently, you probably saw something special. Not only did Betty White win an award, she was also helped up on stage by none other than Chris Evans. Marvel’s own Captain America helped the 93-year-old star up the stage in a wonderful act of chivalry.

Betty White, who’s been in the Hollywood limelight for many years, probably was swooning with the rest of the ladies. I don’t know how many more time Chris Evans can keep displaying to the world that he’s actually Captain America, or better yet, if Steve Rogers is Chris Evans.


All Captain America jokes aside, Chris Evans has always been a down-to-earth actor, and this act of kindness only shows that you don’t need a super soldier serum, to be a super human being. Keep making the world smile, Mr. Evans! You’re a true-to-life upstanding person. 🙂

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