Power Girl loses her cleavage in new outfit


Marvel and DC have both been updating their superheroes. Some purists have been upset with this, like Sam Wilson becoming Captain America, Thor becoming a female, and Batgirl and Spider-Woman getting a new outfit. DC is updating Power Girl to reach a broader audience, and that means a new character and ditching the cleavage-exposing outfit.

Meet Tanya Spears, an intern at Starr Industries. She’s a young scientist who was able to send the original Power Girl (Karen Starr) back into her home universe, Earth-2. DC has been setting her up to take the mantle of Power Girl since last year. After sending Karen back, she gets knocked out and discovers she has super powers.

DC Comics editor Eddie Berganza has teased an artwork of Tanya’s Power Girl outfit, and it no longer has a cleavage window.

What do you think of the new costume design?


Via Hitfix

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