CES 2015 – GenZe, an all electric solution for short trips

CES Genze Title 2

CES is not commonly an auto or bike show, but really every corner you look, more and more vehicle technologies are being developed and showcased here. As an urbanite living amongst the skyscrapers in Downtown Los Angeles, I often find myself torn between eating in, or braving the horrid parking situation in Little Tokyo or elsewhere. For those short commutes, I found that this company GenZe had the answer for me.

GenZe is a company that has been marketing itself to urbanites and college students. More often than never, the commute that we need to make is too far to walk, but too near for the hassle of packing the car. GenZe is providing 2 solutions to this problem.

GenZe Scooter

Starting this scooter only requires a PIN code on the touch screen. You can expect a zippy response on the throttle from the all-electric motor. With an advertised range of 30 miles on the prototype, we really are talking about short sweet trips. The compartment in the back compliments a backpack or even bags of groceries.

CES Genze Moto CES Genze Moto 2CES Genze Moto 3CES Genze Moto 4

GenZe E-bike

For those more interested in tight biker pants and spandex, GenZe has this power assisted bicycle. There are various levels of assistance that you can configure.

CES Genze Bike
CES Genze Bike 2

CES Genze Bike 3

Check out the promo video here:

For more information, visit GenZe at their website here.

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