The Raid stars will make an appearance in Star Wars: The Force Awakens


It seems JJ Abrams has taken a liking to three of The Raid‘s actors: Iko Uwais (Rama), Yayan Ruhian (Mad Dog/Prakoso), and Cecep Arif Rahman (The Assassin). There is no word on which side of the Force they will be a part of, but if they are bring brought on the set, expect to see a very physical movie

These three are proficient in hand-to-hand combat with some use of small arms weapons, as they have demonstrated by using blades, batons, bats, and other hand weapons in the past two movies. I hope they do more actual fight sequences than relying on CGI.

Let’s hope we get a brutal action scene similar to the Apartment hallway scene where Rama fights a bunch of thugs.

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