How did Sony sell 18.5 million PS4s?


Sony is probably celebrating right now with the announcement that it sold 18.5 million PlayStation 4 units (as of January 4, 2015). It’s not said whether these are shipped or sold-through, but according to Forbes, it’s sold-through. It does make it the fastest-selling console for PlayStation.

In addition to that, it has announced that there are over 10.9 million PlayStation Plus subscribers and 81.8 million software sales. The average PS4 owner has just over four games, and the platform had 17.8 million software sold during the holiday season (as of January 4, 2015). Before this announcement, the last we heard of PS4 sales was when it sold 16.1 million PS4 units total as of the holiday season.

So how is Microsoft doing? The last report said that the Xbox One sold 10 million units as of November 2014, and we’re talking about shipped to retailers. It seems like the company has been shy about revealing its numbers sold to consumers. If it did sell 10 million consoles to consumers, don’t you think it would announce that right away? If we’re to assume that Microsoft hasn’t reached 10 million sold to consumer, that would mean the PS4 is leading 2 to 1.

Sony is clearly winning now in terms of sales, but why is that? Even Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida didn’t understand why it’s selling so well. The exclusives for PS4 hasn’t been that great. Sure it had inFAMOUS Second Son and Killzone: Shadow Fall, but those aren’t necessarily system sellers, especially the recent LittleBigPlanet 3. Nintendo had Smash Brothers, Bayonetta 2 and Mario Kart and Microsoft had Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Sunset Overdrive, all fairly new.

Nintendo wasn’t able to maximize on the Wii U gamepad, and the Xbox One’s Kinect feature wasn’t enticing enough to consumers. The PS4 didn’t offer anything uniquely special, yet it did a lot better. Perhaps gamers didn’t care about the bells and whistles and wanted a pure gaming machine. Microsoft did piss off a lot of gamers with its initial plans for the Xbox One, which probably lead to gamers flocking to the PS4 as the preferred new-gen console.

Well, if you’re a PS4 owner, there are some exclusives to look forward to this year. There’s Bloodborne, The Order 1886 and Uncharted 4. And there are some highly-anticipated games coming to both the PS4 and Xbox One including Batman: Arkham Knight and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Via Forbes

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