CES 2015: Sony Press Conference on Day 0

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Day 0 Press Day at CES and Nerd Reactor has safely survived Interstate 15. Hanging our hats in our hotel room was first on the agenda, second is the Sony Press Conference.

CES Sony President

President Kazuo Hirai is the first to greet the eager crowd, whom were also actively helping themselves to open bar and cheese plates. With beer in hand, I hear the first statements address the recent Sony hack. Sony congratulated and thanked those who were able to see the movie, while Sony also prided themselves in making the movie available via multiple means. At this point, I wanted to start a “USA, USA” chant, but looking around I suddenly noticed why they called this the “International CES.” I refrained.

PlayStation Vue was announced to be in limited beta in the New York area. It resembled the same type of movie delivery service as Netflix, but then again it’s not. Reed Hastings would also make an appearance, as he did last year, probably easing the crowd’s curiosity if Netflix would be competing with the service. Likely not, since Hirai would be naming certain specific shows that will be delivered via the Playstation Vue service.

CES Sony Car Sensors CES Sony Symphonic Light

Advanced image sensors would be the next topic of discussion which actually encompassed a wide range of Sony products including cameras, cars, and home automation. Introduced was LifeSpace UX, or technology around the home. The Symphonic Light Speaker is a part of this suite that integrates a light and speaker and connects to your smartphone.

CES Sony Tony Hawk 1

All Sony Press Conferences in the past have included celebrity guests, and while we did not get Kelly Clarkson again this year (darn), we have Tony Hawk introducing the Sony ActionCam.

CES Sony Tony Hawk 2

In the spirit of wearable technology, the Sony SmartWatch 3 was announced to come out next month. It features itself as the only watch with a built-in GPS. Wearables will likely be the highlight of this year’s CES, so Sony made sure to cater to all the possible potential users. Also announced was the Smart B Trainer which would be Sony’s fitness type wearable that actually works independent from your smartphone. The conference ended on a quiet note, but we all know why and I really don’t have to tell you (no Kelly Clarkson finale).

CES Sony Wearables 3 CES Sony Wearables CES Sony Wearables 4 CES Sony Wearables 2 CES Sony Smartwatch

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