15 Reasons We’re Excited to be Geeks in 2015

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As 2014 comes to a close, we had many things to be proud of as geeks this year. (It almost seemed like we spent most of the year looking forward.) Sure we had Captain America: The Winter Soldier, another season of Sherlock and witnessed the soaring popularity of Arrow, but it seemed like our eyes were being bombarded with trailers for new movies, games and events at every turn.

Having debated things over amongst the Nerd Reactor crew, here are the fifteen reasons we’re excited to be geeks in 2015!



Riding the coat tails of CW’s Arrow, The Flash was the largest ever premiere for a CW show, amassing a staggering 6.8 million viewers for its network premiere. As the inaugural season looks to wrap up some time in the new year, The Flash definitely contributes to DC’s stranglehold on the TV market.

You can view our mid season finale report here!


Although we will be without the comedic laugh of Jeff Goldblum in the latest edition of this prehistoric thriller, dino fans still have a lot to be excited about!

After a stellar 2014, Chris Pratt takes the reins of the Spielbergian franchise and hopes to save another group of highly intelligent humans who decide it’s a good idea to mess with mother nature. (Because it worked out so well the first few times!) The trailer teased some form of dinosaur theme park and even the addition of ‘hybrid‘ dinosaurs looking to cause chaos and chew on some ignorant scientist flesh.

Did we mention the Raptor SWAT team?

"Race you to the genetics lab!"

“Race you to the genetics lab!”


The Big Apple hosts one of North America’s largest comic conventions, and there’s no reason to doubt that the 2015 version will be anything less than stellar.

The 2014 show included the first public appearance for the cast of Netflix’s new Marvel Show Daredevil (also debuting in 2015!) and showcased some awesome cosplay videos!


You can’t navigate around sites like etsy without being bombarded with a whole array of geek jewelery and clothing, and that’s a good thing!

As online shopping grows and grows, so does the accessibility of consumers to their favourite geeky artists. You no longer have to wait for your local comic con to stock up on some geek merch. Whether it be a Zelda dress or Batman cuff links, the world is your Cloyster!

For the frugal nerd, why not sign up for Loot Crate? For the price of $13.37 per month (we see what you did there), you will receive a veritable treasure trove of geeky goodies every month. They even teamed up with Nintendo!


The veritable mecca of geek culture, San Diego Comic-Con always promises to be a good time as the city transforms and rolls out the red carpet for geeks, celebs and every fanbase you can think of! Why not take in some exercise while running for your life? Or perhaps catch some risque Geek Burlseque?

It’s definitely more than just fun in the sun as new shows, games and movies are constantly being announced to satisfy your nerd hunger! Nerd Reactor is always well represented at this convention and we look forward to covering it next year!

The only thing louder than our team spirit are my pants!

The only thing louder than our team spirit are my pants!



Arguably one of the best franchises Naughty Dog has produced (Sorry Crash), Sony fanboys and girls were licking their chops when the game trailer was shown at E3 this past year. The trailer features a more rugged “I’m getting too old for this shit” Nathan Drake as he discusses doing one last job with his buddy, Sully.

A gameplay video was also recently released and it was revealed that not only would iconic Voice Actor Nolan North be returning to the franchise, but he would be joined by Troy Baker in the role of Nathan’s older brother, Sam.

Still no word on Nathan Fillion’s role.


Flash vs Arrow - Diyah Pera - 14

When this show debuted, it was easy to hear many communal groans from certain geeks. A show about Green Arrow? Seriously?

Well into its third season, Arrow has not only proved all of the haters wrong but has propelled Stephen Amell to unprecedented levels of stardom (as much for his acting as his physical shape, egad).

With a cast that now includes Capt. Jack Hark (John Barrowman), the rest of season three is sure to provide excitement, and like The Flash, continue DC’s domination of the television landscape.

8. E3

E3 2014 Outdoor Ads - 13

If you haven’t bought a Wii U, PS4 or Xbox One yet, a) what are you waiting for? or B) The Electronic Entertainment Expo (or E3) will probably do its best to try and convince you.

After a year that saw the release of Bungie’s highly-anticipated Destiny as well as another iteration of Smash Bros, this is the year we expect Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft to push for our sales (and in Microsoft and Sony’s case, make up for a dreadful holiday period which saw their online services attacked).

This is a pretty big year for developers and publishers, and with some highly-anticipated titles hitting the shelves this year (including some in this article), it’s a great year to be a gamer, wherever your allegiances lie!

7. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain


Remember something in this article about highly anticipated games? It doesn’t get much bigger than Metal Gear Solid V which will roll out the brand new Fox engine, which promises more realistic physics and player movements; however, it is not the first game to use said engine.

While you might be excited over the pet wolf or what have you, this game will surely become a must-buy for Sony fans all over.

6. The Walking Dead & Game of Thrones

Walkers - The Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 8 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

It was absolutely impossible to pick between AMC’s and HBO’s cash cows, so both The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones slot in at number six.

The mid season finale of season five has left several TWD fans with a bad taste in their mouth, not only due to the events of the episode itself, but thanks to a serious blunder by the AMC social media team, who broadcasted a HUGE spoiler over the Internet before the West Coast had the opportunity to view the program. As in Game of Thrones, no one is safe! (Although if our infamous Norman Reedus Facebook prank is any indication, there will be riots if Darryl Dixon is killed.) Fan of the series also have another reason to be excited, as the show will be getting its very own spinoff series!

While over in Westeros, things are equally as messed up (and not just in a ‘sleeping with your sister’ kind of way). Possibly one of the most satisfyingly frustrating shows on television, things are shaken up from the wall all the way to the South. We’ll avoid spoilers in this article, but make sure to check out the John and Mike Show for a season finale recap! The show continues the trend of screwing over fan favourites (Prince Oberyn and Tyrion anyone?) and teasing the reuniting of the Stark children.

5. E-Sports Have Never Been Bigger

If you ever have the chance to check out a barcraft down at your local pub, the amount of people who show up may surprise you.  League of Legends, Dota 2 and Starcraft 2 events are already drawing full stadiums for their events, but perhaps one of the biggest indicators is the prize money allocated in recent years:

Graph by Wikipedia user Aron Ambrosiani with data from Esportsearnings.com

Graph by Wikipedia user Aron Ambrosiani with data from Esportsearnings.com

Not only is there an abundance of prize money and sponsorships, E-Gamers have also been been given ‘Independent Athletes’ visas when entering the U.S, insuring that ‘Murica is at the forefront of these emerging competitions.

4. Halo V: Guardians

Arguably the biggest mainstream release of the upcoming year, the post-Bungie Halo franchise marches on. (Wasn’t it supposed to be a trilogy?) Xbox One fanboys have been foaming at the mouth at the very mention of the name Master Chief. Not only is Halo V hopefully Microsoft’s blue chip for the upcoming year, it might just be the game to sway gamers who are on the PS4/Xbox One fence.

3. Avengers: Age of Ultron

How do you follow up the most successful comic book movie of all time, which made 1 billion dollars in just over 19 days? Simple! Cast an eerie James Spader as your villain, pit your favourite heroes against a horde of robots, and set it all to a creepy rendition of Disney’s Pinocchio’s ‘”I’ve Got No Strings.”

If DC is dominating the boob tube, Marvel is absolutely destroying the movie market (bar the Dark Knight series). With more and more Marvel movies being announced every year (we’ve already had a few Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, and Captain America movies), this is easily the most anticipated comic book movie we’ve had in recent years.

There’s also our Avengers: Age of Pinocchio trailer, which is just plain fantastic and hilarious in my unbiased opinion.

2. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

There is not a single person on this planet who has not at least heard of Star Wars. It is unquestionably the biggest sci-fi franchise of all time, and the latest installment could very well be the most anticipated movie of the past decade.

With J.J Abrams at the helm, the Star Wars trailer has teased stormtroopers, lightsabers, and of course the Millennium Falcon. With fans eager to get the bad taste of the three prequels out of their mouths (Jar Jar Binks is STILL haunting our nightmares), this could very well be one of the biggest movie releases in recent history, or it could be one of the biggest, colossal flops in cinematic history if is not well received. No pressure J.J.!

There was no doubt that this film deserves the number two spot, and with a star-studded cast that includes Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill, we are peeing our collective nerd pants waiting for this release! There is simply no words that can adequately describe how excited we are!

1. Everything on This List

Alright, cut out the loud sighs and collective groans! In spite of the corniness, it has absolutely never been a better time to be a geek. Our favourite comic book characters are plastered all over the small and big screens, our games have never been better looking and more immersive, and it has never been as socially acceptable to be a geek! Kudos to you, fellow geeks, and let your geek flag fly high in 2015!

Don’t agree with the order or feel we’ve left something out? Sound off in the Comments below!

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