Rockstar developing GTA V Los Santos City Stories?


A new rumor is starting to float around the web that Grand Theft Auto V developer Rockstar Games may be looking into adding Los Santos into their City Stories franchise. For most of 2014 Rockstar Games was relatively quiet. Taking almost a year to finally release the long awaited Heist DLC.

Recently, word got out that Rockstar parent company Take Two Interactive has  refiled for the trademark “City Stories,” leading many fan to believe that a new installment into the franchise is on the way.

Rockstar Leeds, the development team behind all of the City Stories games and many of the GTA mobile device ports, has said to be very busy working on some unknown project. It only seems natural that Rockstar would release a City Stories installment after the monumental success of GTA V. City Stories games are usually a portable title, but more than likely it will eventually make its way to the home consoles.

Until it is confirmed, we can only speculate. My guess is we will hear about it come E3.

Source: The Games Cabin

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