PlayStation Network and Xbox down on Christmas, entrepreneur pleaded to attackers


Christmas day is a day where kids and adults are excited to open gifts. A lot of them will be getting a brand new console like the Xbox One or PlayStation 4. Now if they’re expecting to be able to play online with their friends, well, they may have a very sad holiday, because PlayStation Network and Xbox Live were down.

A cyber attacking group is claiming that it is the cause for both video game online services to be down. Users trying to log in have been experiencing issues. If you were trying to play Destiny, GTA Online or any other online game, you were likely out of luck. This was good news for some gamers, since it gave them a chance to finally play their single player games. (I played Dragon Age: Inquisition.)

The hacking group announced on its twitter that it would stop the DDoS attack (Distribution Denial of Service) if it gets enough retweets. Kim Dotcomm, the guy behind MegaUpload, tried to bargain with the hacking group, saying that they would get a free premium service for his encrypted file-sharing service, MegaPrivacy. It worked for a few hours, but the attacks started to resume for the rest of the day.

Xbox Live is up while PSN is down at the time of this writing.

Via Business Insider

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