Queen Mary’s Chill is a fun photo-op adventure

QM Chill

Queen Mary has taken pride on its season events such as Halloween’s Dark Harbor, Art Deco Festival, and of course – its holiday event – CHILL. Why is it called CHILL? The Queen Mary created the North Pole in sunny Southern California by having an Ice Kingdom built (everything is made of ice) including ice tubing, ice skating, and a variety of activities for kids and adults to do. This is the best place for holiday photo-ops for you and your family!

QM 2The main attraction visiting Queen Mary’s CHILL is definitely the Ice Kingdom. It has over 2 million pounds of ice in the exhibit and handcrafted by expert ice sculptors. (This is absolutely breathtaking.) Literally, the air is so cold, you lose your breath sometimes. Each visitor is given a thick parka to wear in the exhibit as temperatures have to be low (9 degrees) to keep the sculptures in place.

The sculptures look absolutely beautiful and offer a variety to look through. There is the Candy Cane Forest, Surfin’ Santa, toys surrounding a Christmas tree, Santa sliding down the chimney, the Nativity Scene, penguins, the ice princess and her kingdom, and holiday greetings. There is also an ice slide for the kids to go through on their ice Queen Mary replica (adults can also slide down). I can guarantee you will have an album of photos from just the Ice Kingdom.

If your child is looking for something more interactive, they can do a little ice tubing at the Glacier Glide right next door. There are six lanes of slides made entirely of ice with carpet at the end to stop you. It is completely safe if you follow the rules – just sit in the tube and enjoy the ride. The slide stands at two stories tall and 100 feet long and depending on your weigh, it can go pretty fast. This will keep your child entertained for a few hours – especially with the lines for this. If you would like to avoid the lines, I recommend purchasing the E.L.F. (Express Lane Fast) Pass at the information desk for $20 (or buy them online in advance for $15). You will be in the fast lane and on your way for some fun.

Queen Mary Chill

If your child is still not satisfied with the ice tubing, you could take them ice skating. The Port of Long Beach provided this event with a 6,500 square-foot outdoor ice rink for everyone to enjoy. Renting ice skates are free with each ticket (but you could also bring your own skates if you have them). There are even performances by professional ice skaters every Monday and Tuesday at 6:45 pm. It actually made me feel like Southern California had a winter season.

Want to get away from the ice for a little bit? The kids can go into the bounce houses (Queen Mary replica or Candyland), play in the designated sand boxes, swing on the legendary Michael Jackson swings ($5 or free with E.L.F. Pass), or attempt to ride on The Bucking Reindeer ($5).

QM 5

You could also take the little ones to visit Santa, Mrs. Claus, the elves, the Magic Toymaker, CHILL Princess, and Captain Teddy around the village. The photos at Claus Cabin (for Santa and Mrs. Claus) are $15 for the first photo and then $5 for any additional photos (including a digital copy). This is actually one of the best deals I’ve seen for a Santa photo AND it includes Mrs. Claus (I like to take photos with Santa every year, so I know the pricing). Both the actors look simply amazing and play the part really well. When I first entered the cabin, I was greeted by Mrs. Claus who seemed to “recognized” us from when we were children and are so happy to see us as adults. They were the best Santa and Mrs. Claus I’ve seen – and I’ve seen A LOT.

If you want to simply sit and rest, because there is just so much to do, you could sit near the staged areas and watch the shows. There are a variety of shows to watch almost every hour. The food selection varied: pizza, hot dogs, sausages, candy, cookies, and cakes. They are surrounding the main stage – so just buy your food, drink, and enjoy the show. The event also offers face painting, story time, making your own T-shirt, crafts, and writing Santa a letter in the village – if you wanted to do MORE.

Queen Mary Chill 3

If you would like to give your child a better experience with Santa, CHILL offers an exclusive event for an additional price. You and your child could have breakfast with Santa and Mrs. Claus. Maybe this will help them not be afraid of him.

Queen Mary’s CHILL offers a lot of fun events for your family. It’s great for kids and provides a lot of activities for them to constantly run around. As for adults, they can take photos (#selfie), drink at the bar area, and get free admission to go onto the Queen Mary. So if you’re bored with all the Holiday Cheer, you can go on the ship and check out the view. This is another photo opportunity.

Overall, this event is the perfect place to take your kids to during their winter break. There is just so much for them to do. I’m definitely going back to take more photos and slide the glacier glides.

Queen Mary’s CHILL is going on now until January 11, 2015. To purchase your tickets, click here.

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