Five Practical Geek Gifts for under $20


Although I do collect costumes, toys, and cool action figures, sometimes I think “when will I ever really need this?” I’ve learned that I need to be practical with my money and still keep my geeky spirit. Now, when I buy gifts for my geeky friends, I make sure it’s something practical that they can use in their daily life. Plus, it won’t break the bank.


1. Any Whovian fans afraid of the dark? Well, you’re in luck! ThinkGeek is selling really cool looking night lights that features the Weeping Angel ($19.99, TARDIS ($14.99), or Dalek ($14.99) lighting the way in your home. Of course, I wouldn’t recommend this to people who are afraid of these monsters. It’s just really cool to show off around the house. Getting scared? Turn it off. Of course, if you’re not a Whovian… there is a normal wall torch ($19.99), Blue Canary ($12.99), Batman ($9.99) or Minecraft ($19.99) option.



2. Alright… this is just cool. A scented shower gel that looks like Zombie Blood! Firebox are selling these babies for under $10! For the zombie movie fans, this is just needed. If you want to take it a step further and make it look like you’re bathing yourself in blood, they also offer that. It’s also useful. We all shower every day, right? … Right? Please tell me you do.



3. As a person who throws parties, I like to keep my furniture away from the condensation of drinks. So I do like to have coasters for people to place their drinks on. These coasters ($19.99) from ThinkGeek are just awesome. They light up when you place a drink on them (or press them to come on). They are exclusive on ThinkGeek if you are a member, but honestly… how could you not be?



4. In a world where #Selfie is in the dictionary, we all have a hard time taking these photos with a large group of people. Tons of companies have changed this idea and have created, ‘The Selfie Stick’. This genius invention comes in a regular form (where you have a timer on your phone) and Bluetooth capability (pressing a button to take the photo). I have the regular form with the camera timer, because it’s just easier that way. This item is the hottest stocking stuffer this year! You can find them from a variety of prices ranging from $5 – 30, depending on the brand and capability. It’s so useful. I absolutely love mine.



5. I like to save money sometimes by making my own lunch… so I can have more money to buy all of the non-practical stuff. I do like to show off to my friends my geekdom with my awesome lunch bags. ThinkGeek offers a variety of lunch bags for under $20. Nothing says ‘I’ve made a delicious lunch like it coming out of a Zombie Survival lunch box“.

With the holidays coming up, wouldn’t you like to give something to a friend they would actually use? Happy Holidays!

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