Silver Spoon Season 2 anime review


The second season of Silver Spoon is here. The show revolves around Yuugo Hachiken, who left his city life for a school out in the boonies. He did it to leave the burden he faced with his parents and the people he went to school with. Now that a year has passed, the second year of school is here.

When we last left Hachiken, he had a choice on what to do with the pig he raised. He decided to turn it into bacon and shared it with everyone at school. He also shared it with those that helped him outside of the school. As the seniors leave the club, they vote Hachiken for Vice Presidency.


From the get go it seems that there is something brewing between Mikage and Komaba. Hachiken happened to walk into the end of a conversation between the two that left Mikage in tears. In Hachiken fashion he tries to help but is unable to, or at least they won’t let him.

This season introduces two new characters: a stray dog named Vice Prez, the mascot of the Equestrian club, and Ayame Minamikujyou, who is someone from Mikage’s past with a princess attitude. Ayame sees Mikage as a rival, but Mikage just thinks of her as a friend. Plus, a shocking move by one of Hachiken’s close friends rocks the group.


The story for this season really had its twists and turns, which made it really pleasurable to watch. Seeing how each character deals with adversity and learn from it was great. If you liked the first, then you will for sure like the second season.

Rating: 5/5 Atoms

NR 5 Atoms - A

You can get the DVD here.


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