Sega plans to produce movies and shows based on its games

streets of rage

Ubisoft has started the big wave of video game companies adapting its games into movies and on TV. It’s currently working on getting popular franchises like Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell to the big screen with its own movie studio. Now it looks like Sega wants to do the same with its video game properties.

According to Variety, Sega hired Evan Cholfin to lead Stories International (based inTokyo) to produce live-action and animated films, TV shows and more based on its titles. Sega and advertising agency Hakuhodo DY Group have joined together to form the production company.

So what are some of the properties we’ll be seeing as live-action and animated projects? These include Altered Beast, Streets of Rage, Shinobi, Rise of Nightmares, and Crazy Taxi for the English-speaking audience. Virtua Fighter and Golden Axe are being considered for adapting.

What’s not certain is which of these will be turned into either a film, TV show, or digital series.

Sega now has a minority investment in All Nippon Entertainment Works. It also has a deal with ANEW that should help Stories International expand by having access to 20 Japanese rights holders of films, TV shows, books, toys and manga properties.

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