Season finale of Real Housewives of Horror is to die for


Reality shows have taken over the airwaves, and just like everyone else, I too have my guilty pleasures in the Real Housewives domain. Well, it’s actually the Real Housewives of Horror from The Nerdist and Director Sandeep Parikh (The Guild). I don’t have to hide a thing, since I’ll gladly raise my hand and state I am a fan.


Creator Brea Grant (Heroes) brings the drama of the Real Housewives genre to the extreme with a gore and classic horror twist. The housewives include the classic virgin, the Japanese ghost tale, the religious zealot, doll bride, and for female empowerment, the Lady Killer. We are women give us gore!

With only 5 episodes and a wrap up show hosted by G4’s Kevin Pereira, it’s a short but fun run of horrible goodness. No one is safe in this short romp through the lives of wives with knives, and nothing is off limits. Cameos include Chris Hardwicke, Nicholas Brendan, and more.


So what can you expect from this first season? Speed dating in a killer way, Satan being played by Nicholas Brendan, and a toy party that I wish I could attend. Just kidding…unless someone’s throwing one, then I’m totally there!

More than anything what makes this show endearing to me as a female horror fan is the barrier breaking. Yes there are defined roles in horror, but there’s fun to be had in those roles, and heck they can still be bent and changed to spice things up. Who says men have to have all the fun in horror. Not these girls.

It’s not too late to binge watch Real Housewives of Horror. All Six episodes are available for your viewing horror at, and fingers crossed that we will see some big things in Season 2.  Ghost Baby Drama, yes please!


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