Jonathan Frakes contacted J.J. Abrams about directing Star Trek 3


Roberto Orci dropped out of directing Star Trek 3. With no director attached at the moment, who’s the best contender? How about Jonathan Frakes? He’s known to nerds out there as Commander Riker from Star Trek: The Next Generation and David Xanatos from Gargoyles, but he’s also a director (Star Trek: First Contact, Agents of SHIELD, Falling Skies).

Frakes was asked about the #BringInRiker campaign created by Trekkies to let the studios know they want him to direct. He tells Komo News that he has actually contacted Producer J.J. Abrams about directing the third Star Trek film, along with his agent contacting Paramount Pictures.

“I would love that job,” he says.

Frakes isn’t afraid to admit that he would love to do the project.

“I say, unabashedly, I’d be great at it and would love to do it.”

So what are the odds of him actually getting the position? He says that it’s a “long shot.”

Do you think he’s a good contender to direct Star Trek 3? Let us know in the comments section below!

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