The Greys: A look at Stephen Kramer Glickman’s indie film


Actor and Comedian Stephen Kramer Glickman’s upcoming indie short, The Greys, is set to debut this coming February, creating quite a bit of excitement among fans all over. You might recognize the actor as Shrek from the Shrek The Musical or Gustavo from Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush, but this film is far from the man that you might already be familiar with.

I got a chance to talk to Glickman about his film, the motivation behind it, his hopes for it, as well as his general nerdiness. Not only is he a hilarious comedian, he’s also a passionate and serious filmmaker looking to entertain the public. He was inspired by legendary sci-fi films like Aliens, ET, and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and he hopes to create an eerie indie film that will grab the attention of not only a few film festivals, but of sci-fi fans everywhere.


The Greys follows an 8-year-old boy as he invites guests to his sister’s 15th birthday, but when the guests finally arrive, they aren’t what he expected.


The film was originally intended to be a short in support of Bliss Lights of San Diego, showcasing their newest laser lights for laser-based film. Having an acting workshop called Viral Video Workshop, which includes some of the most talented 14-to-20 year olds in Hollywood, Glickman decided to instead combine these 2 and create something under his production company, Giant Creature, which partnered with producers Patty Dayton and Bliss Lights. With over $25,000 worth of laser equipment, fog, and smoke, along with Morph Suits creating the awesome costume for the grey creature, they were able to create the film that’s reminiscent of some of our favorite films growing up.


The Greys went into production with cinematographer Austin Nordell, hoping to create something that was cinematic and as real as a UFO film could be. Something he did which a lot of indie films don’t is pay the production team their rates. This is very appreciative among up-and-coming filmmakers trying to get their name out in the film industry, since they had Gaffer Grips and Digital Film Studios in LA to create the same production quality as any full length feature. He was even able to get American Idol’s Casey Abrams to write all the original musical pieces and have David Baxter, who you might recognize from a recent episode of Super Power Beat Down, as Darth Vader in the Batman vs. Darth Vader episode.


The Greys looks to be a heavy and dark thriller similar to the likes of Tusk by Kevin Smith. Something you might not know about Stephen Kramer Glickman is that he was backed up by Mel Brooks, yes you heard me, Mel freakin’ Brooks! Now nerds around the world should know that anything that a combination of all these traits can create something that really will be special.

Even more so is that Glickman’s hope is to create a separate full length feature called Brendan Fraser is a Monster. The title might seem funny, but it would be a dark comedy following a TV executive who saves Fraser’s life, who then offers to pay him back in any way possible. The exec goes on to ask him to be on his new show and eventually has a hesitant Fraser to shoot the pilot which gets picked up for a huge series order. But what makes him a monster? Well the still hesitant actor then lets the executive know that he has special needs being that he is a cannibal and needs to feed on human flesh. He mentioned this idea was a modern day Little Shop of Horrors combined with a John Malkovic-type of self-portrayal.


With talented actors like Heidi Kramer and Fred Stohler, tons of great ideas, special effects, and support from the industry, it’s no wonder that so many of us are looking forward to Stephen Kramer Glickman’s project.



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