Attention DC! Here are some potential TV shows for you!


With the recent announcements of potential television shows, graphic artist Mark Millar gave me the idea to pitch some of my own ideas for shows based on Warner Bros/DC licensed characters. TV prequels seem to be the next big thing. Millar recently posted some funny tweets mocking the numerous prequels for TV series with his own ideas for Warner Bros.

It gave me the idea to come up with some myself.


Lex Luthor


Yeah, they did Smallville – the story of Clark Kent that lasted for years before finally ending with Clark becoming Superman. Instead of focusing on Clark, we could focus on the rise and fall (of goodness) of Lex Luthor. Maybe he was once a boy who wanted to make a difference in the world, but the politics and experience around him corrupted him to become one of the world’s most hated villains. But remember, villains are just misunderstood. Maybe there is more to this man than his thirst for power.


ras al ghul

“Demon’s Head”

Little is known about Ra’s al Ghul and his empire. I know he’s going to be in an episode of Arrow and was played by Liam Neelson in the Dark Knight series but he’s one of the baddest villains ever in the history of DC comics. This character has tons of history to work with – he’s the leader of the League of Assassins! How did that happen? What’s his story? How did he rise to power? We could see some hints of Talia and even have a crossover with Gotham… what?! Yes.


Booster Gold

“Booster Gold”

This TimeLord-ish superhero is more like our modern day heroes. He’s cocky, good-looking, buff, and has a horrible attitude problem. But, that’s what we love. A person who redeems themselves! Michael Jon Carter was a superstar athlete in his timeline and when that changed, he stole a power suit and went back in time to become a hero. With great power comes – wait, wrong company. But it’s true, he now had to be responsible for his powers. Sure, he’s an unknown among the audience, but how many people knew about Guardians of the Galaxy or Inhumans before Marvel decided to make it into a movie? Plus, cast a good-looking shirtless actor, give us some a quirky support team, and we’re set.




This may be good to sell to SyFy. Another not very well known hero, Deadman was Boston Brand, a selfish and shallow man who was basically Ebeneezer Scrooge. After he was murdered, he was turned into a ghost who must solve his own murder and prevent others from going down the same path as he did. He saved a bunch of lives and showed them that life was worth living. It’s actually a great comic to read because it showed us a true redemption of a hero. This is another reason I believe it would do well on the SyFy channel. Who doesn’t love a hero redemption story?

Well, here are my ideas. I hope I do see more in depth stories of one of these characters. They are complex characters with a deeper backstory, maybe it’s time to share it.


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