Weekend BANG! Episode 43: E-Sports and Playstation Experience

videogame bang

The Weekend Bang is here in full effect, and what a show do we have for your face. Sir Aaron Carter has a multitude of topics to talk about but settles on eSports. Cory and Noel sit in with special guest Jason Gist from Capitol Fight District educating the Bang crew on the world of competitive gaming. We go over all the mannerisms and tactics that just might get you to the pros of the gaming world, or not.

We continue in the second half of the the show with more eSports, but soon move to Sony’s presentations, The Playstation Experience, and go over a few of the titles that Sony dangle in front of you to get you on their side of the console war. Will Sony win your heart with their new lineup? Will eSports make a return the the small screen? Will Sir Aaron Carter begin a new career as an eSports scout? Find all that and more on this week’s episode of the Weekend Bang!

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