New trailer for Godzilla: The Game

Godzilla-The-Game-ScreenshotMothraIf you happened to stomach through Friday’s broadcast of the Video Game Awards then you more than likely caught the world premiere of the new trailer for the upcoming Godzilla game from Natsume Atari.  The newly title Godzilla: The Game received a lot of buzz when screenshots were posted last June. This is the first full-length trailer for the game and it has just been announced that it will be playable not only on the PS3, but the PS4 as well.

The PlayStation exclusive is quickly becoming one of the most highly anticipated games of 2015 since it has been more than a few years since a “good” Godzilla video game has come out. The game will feature a who’s who of Toho kaijus: Mothra, King Ghidorah, Mechagodzilla and many more.

Godzilla: The Game is slated for a release in the Summer next year.


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