Kingdom Hearts III could have Marvel and Star Wars characters


Kingdom Hearts is an RPG action game series that was able to mix in both worlds from Final Fantasy and Disney. With Kingdom Hearts II, we were introduced with Tron and Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. This opened the game up to include non-animated Disney characters. With Disney buying out Star Wars and Marvel, fans of the franchise may get a chance to see characters like Han Solo and Iron Man hanging out with Mickey Mouse and Cloud.

In an interview with Kotaku in London, Kingdom Hearts III co-director and game designer Tai Yasue said that Marvel and Star Wars characters were being considered.

“Well, yeah. They’re all under consideration,” Yasue said. “Nothing’s off-limits, we’re considering all of the worlds. There are so many wonderful concepts. We’re happy about that, but at the same time it’s really tough to choose.”

For me personally, I thought the inclusion of characters from Tron and Pirates of the Caribbean felt out of place.

Would you like to see Marvel and/or Star Wars characters make an appearance in Kingdom Hearts III?

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