Hackers target Xbox Live


Xbox Live had a brief moment of downtime last night.

A hacker group has claimed that it was responsible for the outage, saying that it was doing a test run for another attack for the Holiday. The outage lasted for more than an hour and prevented Xbox 360 and Xbox One users from getting on Xbox Live. The error screen showed theĀ 80151909 error code.

Microsoft’s Xbox support site has no indication that Xbox Live was down, and users have reported that they were able to go online this morning.

The Lizard Squad hacker group tweeted that it was responsible and that it was planning for a larger attack on Christmas. The outage last night was a small taste of things to come. The group said that it was the “kings” of DD0S attacks.


The group also claimed responsibility for an attack on Sony’s PlayStation Network earlier this year and other online games including Grand Theft Auto V, League of Legends, Destiny and more.

Via Polygon

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