A Terrible Time: The Party Game Where Everyone Loses (review)

a terrible time

A Terrible Time is a combination of Charades, Cards Against Humanity, and Pictionary. This game is best played with friends who have no shame, since it may end very badly. It’s not a friendship-ending game like Monopoly, but it can lead into that direction. This was a Kickstarter-funded game and has finally been released to the public.

We got time to get together with a few of the writers and friends for this game. We had fun playing this, and depending on how dominant the team is (my team just destroyed the others), it can end quickly. It takes characteristics of the three games mentioned above and combines them into one small package. So if you have played any or all of those games, then you are already one step in the right direction.


The fun part happens when the team who does not complete the challenge within the time limit has to draw a “Humiliation” card and perform the task stated on that card. The penalty can range from something mundane, like rearranging the room’s items, to a very intimate penalty, like placing your face close to the other team’s crotch for 30 seconds. The latter penalty was pulled by one of the opposing teams and laughs were had by all.


Though it was not all good news, since the game had balancing issues for the “Humiliation” part. The writers who played it did not have consistency and one of them said it had “lame penalties.” And the rules were confusing on some parts, so we pretty much winged it as we played a long.

All in all it’s a good game and you can have hours of fun; however, it can be short if one team is dominating game (like my team). It seems like it’s in early stages of becoming a great game. I hope they have more coming out and maybe fix the rules and the penalties.


Our editor looks confused.

Rating: 3.5/5 Atoms

NR 3_5 Atoms - B-

You can purchase this game as well as its 3 expansions here.

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