Pinć VR: A Virtual Reality Headset that fits in your pocket

With the rise of the popular VR headset Oculus Rift and the endless applications it now presents, developers and companies have been searching for the ultimate VR tool to make the technology viable for everyday use.

Toronto’s Cordon Media Inc. hopes they have the solution to bring VR capabilities to the public in a functional, stylish and inexpensive way.

The Pinć (pronounced “pinch”) VR headset is an iPhone 6 case that promises to turn your phone into a functioning VR environment. By using the iPhone’s camera and a pair of pinchers, the Pinć case hopes to enhance a user’s mobile experience by allowing users to interact with their phone on a 3D plane. By using the pinchers, users can click, drag, and interact with Pinć’s user interface to enhance their entertainment, shopping into a more immersive experience.

Milan Baic, president of Cordon Media Inc, had this to say about his company’s latest product:

We see the opportunity for VR as much broader than just gaming. Areas like everyday computing, shopping and entertainment are very interesting for us. When we can control mobile applications in 3D environments, we get into a new realm of computing

Cordon is currently running an indiegogo campaign with a final goal of $100,000 which they hope to use for the purposes of refining their manufacturing process to allow full scale production, improving the comfort of the current headset design, making a more flexible and thin set of pinchers, developing a proprietary lens (one that is flush with the case for a wider shot), and providing documentation and SDK resources to iOs devs.

Limited Edition Pinć SDK

In theory, the idea itself would surely be the best way to make VR popular with the general public. Whether people feel comfortable gesturing and “pinching” in public may take some time but all this project may need is the trust and backing of a big content creator. Imagine being able to watch a movie on Netflix while laying in bed or being able to inspect a specific item from your Amazon wishlist? Given certain users’ penchants to optimize or *ahem* modify their phones, imagine what this headset could do on an android platform?

What is Pinc

Virtual Reality has already had its coming out party in a big way, but can it be used by everyone? Cordon seems to think so.

Pinć are priced at $99 and indiegogo contributors should expect their devices to be available in the summer of 2015!

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