A look inside the Final Fantasy Eorzea Cafe

DSC_0936A very common thing found in Japan are themed cafes. You’ve heard of maid and host cafes but there are also video game and anime themed ones that open from time to time. One I wanted to visit was the Final Fantasy XIV-themed cafe Eorzea.

Located in Akihabara, the Eorzea cafe is one of the busiest themed cafes that attract customers from all over to enjoy the design of the cafe, along with the themed food offerings. There are two ways to get in; first you can RSVP your tickets ahead of time ($10 per person) or you can line up hours beforehand and receive a lottery ticket for a chance to get in later in the day in all. The cafe is broken up into four different sessions lasting about 2 and a half hours each.

10153717_10205315985359155_6363150028673272251_nOnce inside you feel like you entered the game, as the cafe is filled with items from the games including weapons, banners and even more including a really awesome Moogle statue. You can even log into the game while you wait for your food.


The Cage is English friendly, making things that much easier. Once inside you can start ordering as you are given a bunch of slips that contain the full menu for both food and drinks. If you happened to RSVPed your ticket, you automatically receive one free drink per ticket (which includes alcoholic drinks), and since I went with a group we decided to try a good portion of everything on the menu.

DSC_0924If you are feeling low on life, maybe a ‘Scholar’s Fairy Soda‘ will work with you. It’s similar to a club soda where you pour in the liquid into your glass for a quick pick-me-up.

DSC_0925When we ordered the ‘Good King Moggle Mog XII’s Tropical Painapple Defeat Battle‘ (that’s a mouthful) we were amazed at just how big and tasty this was. It was almost like a meal in itself and comes in at 1200 gil aka yen ($11).

10423293_10205315987479208_9098815945921899530_nUp next was our two alcoholic drinks, Leviathan-God of Ocean and the ‘Summoner’s Ifrite-egi. Our first dish was called the Axeman’s Rock-Crushed Roast Beef with Bloodbath Sauce, which is slice of roast beef, onions and a sweet sauce to share between everyone in your table.

DSC_0926Up next was the Extreme Ifrit Radiant Plume Pizza, for $1,000 gill ($9) you get a nice tasty pizza which comes with a bottle of hot sauce. The bread was an interesting twist but there were some great flavors to enjoy.

DSC_0927I decided to try out the Titan, God of the Crags Weight of the Land Burger because why not have a cheeseburger in Japan? It comes with a cool looking Titan made from seaweed as well as a very tasty almost BBQ sauce and potatoes. You will also find a slice of bacon and overall it was tangy and pretty delicious for 880 Gill ($8).

DSC_0928We also decided to order the Gilgamesh Escalope which is pretty much a Cutlet curry with fried rice, with some different flavors it’s something to try once but not one of my favorites.

DSC_0929If you wanted something a little more fiery, you could always try the Bomb Suicide Croquette. It’s a simple potato croquette but when it arrives it is lit on fire as the butter on top burns. It comes with some nuts to enjoy and a nice presentation but pricey at 730 gill ($6.50).

DSC_0930It also wouldn’t be a trip to the Final Fantasy Eorzea cafe without at least trying one of the most talked about items, the blue ramen known as the Leviathan, God of the Ocean Tidal Wave noodle soup. Served chilled with ice cubes, the ramen has a bitter broth with a semi strong taste of lemon. You also get a good amount of seafood inside which includes clams, shrimps, octopus and green ramen noodles.


I had to try one last dish that caught my attention. The Moggle Mini-Honey Toast is two pieces of toast, whip cream with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and with the use of fruit and others edible goodies, you have what looks like a cute moogle ready to eat. I felt bad chowing down on the little guy, but he was so delicious that it couldn’t be helped. A great way to end your meal and only 580 gill ($5).

Aside from the amazing atmosphere the cafe gives us, one reason I love coming to this place are the collectible coasters. For every person who enters you get to select one coaster featuring a class of Final Fantasy XIV, then inside for every food or drink item you order you get a coaster featuring a different Primal but these are random.


We had a few doubles and triples of a few of the Primals. We were missing four of the Primals and the rest of the classes but not bad overall.

If you are a fan of Final Fantasy, this is a great place to check out where you can enjoy some good food and a fun atmosphere. However, this isn’t the only Final Fantasy Cafe as there is also one in Shinjuku near the Final Fantasy HQ’s called Artnia.

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